Inside John Stamos' Musical New Career Move

John Stamos to Guest Star on ‘Galavant’ as a Singing Knight

honey-bulletproof » Hey so I've already developed ships are there any names yet? (For example the princess with the pink dress and galavant per say ;) )  

Isabella and Galavant? hmm, maybe something like Galabella? I kinda already ship them, just from watching the promo haha!


I did a pilot for the American Broadcasting Corporation… (x)

gorandomshesaid » hi, sorry if you have to answer this a lot, but do you know anything about Galavant such as release date, production info and such? I can only rewatch the trailer over and over and over and over and over again, but I don't know much else and I'd be grateful for any tidbits of information. thank you :)  

Hi! We still don’t have a release date unfortunately, but I’ve read something about how the pilot will be airing between the Once Upon A Time fall finale and winter premiere.
So we still have to wait for a little bit!